Zina Vasi

Winter Berry Tablecloth


A festive party tablecloth perfect for any winter gathering. We are used to having winter berries decorating our vases holiday season and now they can decorate our dinner table as well.

A fabulous Christmas themed tablecloth featuring Holly Berries dispersed throughout the entirety of the cloth. This is a perfect accessory to elevate and accentuate the Christmas spirit to give your home a warm and joyous atmosphere.

The tablecloths are available in different shapes: round, oval and oblong and in various sizes to accommodate your guest list.

100% cotton.

Available in a Range of Sizes:

70" Round

Table size: 44"x54", Seatings:6-8


60"x84" Oblong

Table size: 36"x60 to 48"x72", Seatings:6-8


60"x104" Oblong

Table size: 36"x78" to 48"x90", Seatings:8-10


60"x104" Oval

Table size: 36"x78" to 48"x90", Seatings:8-10


60"x120" Oblong

Table size: 36"x96" to 48"x108", Seatings:10-12



Laundering Instructions: We recommend machine washing your table linens in cool water then tumble dry on low.  Bleach is harsh on our fabrics should be used sparingly.  To avoid wrinkling, remove your items before the dry cycle is complete or use a warm iron.


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