Live in Ultimate Comfort

Wholesome Ingredients

Just like you would in your kitchen at home - we carefully source the ingredients that go into the making of your items. 

From harvesting of the crop, to making the thread, to drawing the designs, to weaving of the cloth, to sewing the finished items.

We craft and oversee each step of the production from the fields to your home.

Old World Inspiration

Contemporary Life

Complex in their creation and simple in their upkeep.
Recalling a time when great care went into the making of home textiles.

Sophisticated, hand-drawn artworks are coupled with old-school weaving methods to create one of a kind items.

Comfortable, durable, easy to care for - items that live by your side; seamlessly adding beauty and functionality to each day.

Items for the most delicate relationships

Global standard of quality

Our homes are our havens and only the best quality materials can be allowed into the intimate relationships of our daily lives.

Your products come with Oeko-Tex 100 certification.

Every part of your item, including stitching, sippers, and buttons, has been processed without chemicals harmful to you or our planet.