Zina Vasi

Easter Jacquard Tablecloth


This tablecloth is inspired by a 19th-century postcard that was found in an upstate New York antique shop.

Using the beautiful illustrations displayed on the postcard, an artist hand-drew these hyper-realistic depictions of bunnies and flowers that were then replicated onto your tablecloth using a Jacquard loom.

Jacquard looms use threads to weave intricate drawings into the cloth, in this case, a field of flowers with bunnies. This makes for a woven artwork that decorates your table and home.   

You'll find that this tablecloth is easily paired with any type of dinnerwear because of its neutral and traditional palette of colors. This is more than an Easter tablecloth. You'll be happy to use it year-round for special occasions and Sunday brunches with your loved ones.

This product has received rigorous Oeko-Tex certification ensuring that the item is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful toxins or irritants. This European certification process tests for more than 100 substances. The certification also guarantees that all stages of production are eco-friendly and do not generate air, water, or noise pollution so you can enjoy your home-textiles with confidence.

100% Cotton.
Laundering Instructions:
We recommend machine washing your table linens in cool water then tumble dry on low.  Do not use bleach.  To avoid wrinkling, remove your items before the dry cycle is complete or use a warm iron.

Available in a range of sizes:

70"x90" Oblong - Table size: 42"x55" to 62"x74", Seatings:6-8

70"x108" Oblong - Table size: 42"x55" to 80"x92", Seatings:8-10

70" x 126" Oblong - Table size: 42"x55" to 96"x110", Seatings:10-12

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